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Many of us see labels like “butch” as just a necessary component to our strange balance.We make up all flavors of the rainbow; the possibilities are endless.

One thing I don’t say is that butch is ‘masculine.’ Men don’t own this.I don’t wear men’s clothing and I don’t own flannel; I have a swagger more than a sway, but I wear tight jeans.I do feel more butch when I’m wearing my work pants [construction clothes] but I’m not seeking a style as much as functionality; my butch aspects are more born out of necessity and practicality.But I tend to date women on the fem side, because I’m shy and it’s about who asks me out – that’s who asks me out. I used to not even go into a bathroom in a public place if I’m not in a gay venue.Butches weren’t always that popular, but right now we’re a hot commodity and I’m loving it.

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