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Provide him with a fresh perspective and a willingness to learn about his life.A guy who grew up in a rural area, possibly even on a farm, is used to a different social scene than a guy who grew up in a metropolitan area.There is a large economic divide between rural and urban areas in the United States, according to a recent Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report.The report found, not surprisingly, that cities have more high-paying jobs than rural areas.

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Try to understand where the other person is coming from so that you can learn from each other.

Dan Croteau and Cate Woolner crossed their class differences by addressing them head-on with their families and each other, even going to group therapy to address the power imbalance in their relationship, according to a New York Times article on inter-class marriage.

Dan came from a working-class background, while Cate was from old money, and the class differences are clear.

Still, the couple has chosen to stick together through everything.

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