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e Harmony offers both phone and email customer support.e Harmony is a very popular and effective site that is ideal for singles looking for long-term relationships.I was sure he felt the […] Read more What is self-esteem?Your self-esteem reflects the core beliefs you have about yourself.These addictions are experienced by the entire breadth of society, from the […] Read more Complacency is a continuous struggle that we all have to fight.~ Jack Nicklaus You know how you sometimes (perhaps frequently) have that experience of something bumping up against you repeatedly and you feel the nudge to listen.The matching system is very unique and thorough, which helps narrow down the dating pool.

The truth, however, is that there are many different types of addiction from which men and women suffer every day.

You’re here, I know, because you’re holding onto hope by a tiny little thread.

I get it—it seems like an impossibility that you will meet the right person, someone […] Read more It all started when an eharmony engineer named Greg Petroski thought to himself, wouldn’t it be cool if there was an eharmony skill for Amazon Alexa, where you could check out your matches, listen to messages, and get updated without lifting a finger?

Our dates were lively and fun, and he was really cute.

It had been ages since I’d felt that way about anyone, and I was so happy and relieved.

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Not even a year later, that thought has become a reality.

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